A thousand years ago, the gods ended the world.

It got better.

Today, the world is mostly wilderness, a scattering of city-states built on top of and with the bones of fallen empires. The people are coming back as well, though the population of the world is still only a small percentage of what it was a thousand years ago. The land itself is scarred by the Days of Wrath in many ways, but none more obvious than the Great Crevasse, a truly massive, apparently bottomless chasm that splits the continent.

On the western lip of the Crevasse, a discovery has been made: caves and passages that lead directly into the long-buried halls of the city of Bohandru, the seat of a majestic and powerful empire. The rush to explore (and loot) Bohandru has drawn many adventurers and various hangers-on, creating a small but growing boomtown that calls itself Rift.

Your newly-formed adventuring company hitched a ride with a tinker’s caravan headed for Rift in exchange for protection from the dangers of the badlands that surround it. The journey has been quiet, and you are all ready for action as the wagon jostles you towards the ramshackle buildings and billowing tents perched on the edge of the infinite void, baking in the burning sun…

(Note: all art is and remains property of its original owners. I do not claim ownership or creation of any art found in this campaign.)